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Hoabeautylashes - Tweezers Set (For Classic And Volume Lashes)

Hoabeautylashes - Tweezers Set (For Classic And Volume Lashes)

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This is set of 4 tweezers with traveling bag. It is important to keep your favorite tweezers safe during the travel to work. This bag provides good protection to prevent any damages to the tips of your tweezers. The bag has magnetic that prevents the tweezers to be accidentally fall out when you open it or moving inside the bag while traveling. This bag is ideal to store your tweezers after use too. The set includes:

1 Volume Tweezers
1 Classic Tweezers
1 Isolation Tweezers
1 L-shape Tweezers
Dimension : W x L x H = 3 1/4 x 6in x 3/4in.

Note: Because lash extension tasks require tweezers with high accuracy grips, all our tweezers were checked and tested by our company’s eyelash technicians. Only qualified tweezers are for sale.

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