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Silicon Mascara Wands/Lash Brushes

Silicon Mascara Wands/Lash Brushes

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Brand new and high quality, disposable mascara Wands/ Brushes.Unlike brush made from plastic, this mascara brush is made by silicon so it does not have a triboelectric effect which is a phenomena that certain materials become electrically charged after they come into frictional contact with a different material. As the result, during the winter low humidity condition, this brush does not static-electrical attract to the synthetic lash, or causes synesthetic lash to become static electrically charged which made them attract to each other.

This mascara brush is designed for professional eyelash technician as well as beginners. It is perfect for brushing eyelash extension during or after applications. It is compact and easy to carry. This is a must have for every eyelash extension technicians.

Unit price : 1 box qty 50 sticks

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