Eyelashes Extensions Classic & Volume Training Class Online

Eyelashes Extensions Classic & Volume Training Class Online

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  • Teaching and practice skills.
  • Natural eyelashes growth.
  • Eye diseases related to lash extensions.
  • Natural eye shapes.
  • Suitable lash modeling. 
  • Lash extensions curls and right curls for every natural eye shape.
  • Right thickness to protect eyes and natural eyelashes. 
  • Theory on glue ingredients
  • How many right glues are there for each customer
  • Safe length for natural eyelashes
  • What is classic lash extensions? Technique, show classic lash extensions.
  • Glue dipping technique of classic, volume lash extensions and placement for good retention
  • What’s volume lash extensions?
  • Glue dipping technique of volume lash extensions
  • Volume fan creation technique for 2D,3D,4D,5D,6D....mega volume
  • How to create different fans, handmade fans methods
  • How to clean lashes
  • How to remove extensions using wax
  • How to remove extensions using tweezers
  • How to do lash extensions correction when customer returns.
  • How to mix curls
  • How to mix lengths
  • What is the perfect line?
  • What is the eyeliner effect?
  • How to mix color lashes 
  • All design lash extensions: Kim K, Katun, Fox style, Makeup, Wispy, Hybrid
  • How to do lower lash extensions
  • Lash extensions aftercare 
  • Сustomer consultation before and after the extension.

What do get from studying with the GRAND MASTER:
1. Become company’s master after the course if you achieve excellent results. 

2. You will be able to study with 2 foreign masters/year and within 3 consecutive years absolutely free. (The company collects only lunch and location fee, if any)

3. JUNIOR Certificate from  Hoa Beauty Lashes company

4. Online support after the course

5.  Free competition preparation if you are general course student

6. 15% off the bill for every purchase at Hoa Beauty Lashes VN company

Students will be more confident in their skills.
Pay once, study for a lifetime. 
Support students who completed the course any time you need.